Thank you for visiting! 3rd Floor Kitchen is a collection of recipes, stories, and discoveries that I’ve found interesting and inspiring as I expand my learnings and experience in the kitchen.

Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more interested in home cooking, particularly in learning to cook various cuisines. One of my early inspirations was when I bought Jerusalem for my wife. With these recipes, we quickly expanded the breadth of our cooking to include dishes like kofta, lamb-stuffed eggplant, and spinach salad with dates and almonds. Suddenly the door was open to cooking with new ingredients, spices, and flavours.

I found it interesting that we hadn’t been exposed to many of these dishes before and that learning a few recipes in a new cuisine could noticeably broaden our options for day-to-day meals. This led me to start brushing up on other cuisines, using timeless cookbooks from Julia Child and Marcella Hazan, buying a Japanese cookbook by Harumi Kurihara, and enrolling in Culinary Arts courses at George Brown College that covered basics in French, Italian, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mediterranean cuisines.

Recently, I’ve been drawing inspiration from places I’ve visited and people I’ve met, as well as friends, relatives, cookbooks, and restaurants. 3rd Floor Kitchen will document some of my cooking-related stories, discoveries, travels, and recipes. I will focus on traditional preparations and local recipes when possible and hopefully have the opportunity to draw on the home cooking expertise of parents, grandparents and family recipes.

If you have any questions or comments about the recipes I’ve posted, or experience in a cuisine that you would like to share, please send a message to chris@3rdfloorkitchen.com.

Enjoy, and happy cooking!

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